Welcome to Floof Couture

The shop where you can pick out your favorite puppy or people pocket made in all the colors of the rainbow.

My caves are all 100% handmade, without machine. I use high-end textiles from all over the world.

Durable, comfy and beautiful is what Floof stands for.

The current processing time is about 3 weeks.

Floof collections

Floof tutorial video

Floof tutorial video

Floof's are 100% handmade, which means: you can make one too! As... 

Floof for people

Floof for people

This is the official Floof for people. After a day at school,... 

  • 'This was absolutely the best suprise in the mail! I'm in love with my adult Floof and may never leave the Floof cave....please send chocolate and wine.💜Quality, comfort, the best decision I've made to date!'

  • 'This cosy cave is everything I'd hoped for and more. Very high quality, materials absolutely gorgeous, and as others have said being in it feels like a full body hug! I have had mine for a week now and have slept in it for naps almost daily and several full nights. Definitely worth the investment and wait!'

  • 'OMG THE QUALITY!!! This is simply so beautiful! I got the large thinking that my 3 dachshunds would share.. wrong mistake on my part! Although all 3 can fit in it, depending on any of their moods, at best 2 will share. But for the most part they like it to be a one doggie bed. Looks like I'm going to need to buy another 2 very soon. Shipping took a while, but that is expected because it is HANDMADE and comes from the Netherlands. So be patient. I promise it is 1000000% WORTH IT! Thank you so much Rose for keeping me informed during the process. I will be buying 2 more in the near future.'