About Floof Couture

During my 4 year long life burn-out, I was couch bound for 1,5 years. As there was little I could do, my friend taught me the blanket stitch, which was the beginning of Floof Couture.. My traumatized pup Tofu has been the inspiration of the bed design; she was rescued from a Romanian killshelter and we can only guess what horrors she went through in her 4 months there. She was always building nests out of my bed, wanted to have something around her, not covering her, and was often times far too scared for the outside world. I needed something with fluffy 'walls' that I could easily bring along when we went outside. The first time we tried out the bed, it was a big success. We went to the skatepark and I put Tofu's bed there. She would hop in and absorb her surroundings. If she felt brave enough, she would get out, play a bit and hop in again when she felt overwhelmed. 

We tried out the first time with the bed at the skatepark. Tofu could hop in and out whenever she wishes and it was a big success.

A world opened up as I always had such a passion for beautiful textiles and the stories behind them. I knew I wanted to add a cultural aspect, I wanted everything to be vegan and sustainable. I did a lot of research into textiles. They needed to be firm and machine washable. The quality needed to last. Faux fur is the only fluffy, soft fabric that suffieced. I started buying one meter per time, as I was just one person and still recovering from my burn-out. And this has always been the way I work; when I earn some money, I invest in pretty textiles. Beautiful canvasses from Thailand, kilims from Turkey, batiks from Ghana, ikat from Guatemala and Uzbekistan, illustrations printed on organic canvas from Berlin. It became quite a collection, I'm too passionate to think commercial when I see beauty. 

As my burn-out was also caused by anxiety disorder and PTSD, I always felt happy that I could help Tofu with hers, but what about us humans and our anxiety? Pretty soon I would receive orders for children, many autistic, with add or sensory disorder. I never dared to think it would benefit people too. The most popular request however, was the adult human size... 


I made the first official Floof for people when I just heard my mom would loose her life to cancer. She was in treatment for 7 months and it was always a race against time. The cancer was so aggressive that her treatment was too and every time she had had chemo therapy, the cancer fought through after two days. Emergency surgery, blood transfusions and a lot of radiotherapy didn't do enough and destroyed everything in her body, for us to find out that nothing helped and 2,5 weeks later she would pass. We needed some comfort and distraction, so I made us a first version for when we were with my mom, comforting her were we could. 

They became such an immediate succes. I received messages from autistic people, people with add, anxiety, ptsd, sleeping disorders, chronical pain, everyone seemed to benefit from the Floofs for people! What an amazing and grateful journey. My dearest wish has always been to help, animals, people, wherever and whatever. For animals this means donating beds and money to organizations in Romania, Spain, the USA, really everyone asking. To keep them as accessible as possible for people, I decided to make a Floof for people tutorial video. And that is where we are about now.. Join our group over at 


Welcome :) 


CUSTOMER REVIEWS (of over 470 5-star reviews on Etsy!):

‘Immediate respones from the seller and super sweet! I'm super in love with my floof and helps me fall asleep instantly! It's so darn comfy and worth every penny!' ✩✩✩✩✩

'Rose is so sweet and was so patient with me! Shipping did take awhile, but it was well worth the wait. It's great quality, it's gorgeous fabric, and it's COZY. I think the best testament I can give is what happened 20 min after crawling into it...I took a lovely little impromptu nap 😊✩✩✩✩✩ 

'This is the best thing I have ever bought' ✩✩✩✩✩

'Amazing craftsmanship! We love it! And excellent service regarding our order. 10/10 would recommend' ✩✩✩✩✩

'Happy Little Customer! Love the quality and Rose was super sweet and helpful from beginning to end. Would very highly recommend and buy any time again.' ✩✩✩✩✩

‘Oh my goodness my Floof is probably the best thing I've ever bought. I'm autistic and I have PTSD so it's really important to me to have safe places to regulate and calm myself. Not only is it cosy being in the Floof, it's so so soft too to stroke for bonus positive input. Basically the Floof is absolute sensory bliss! TOTALLY worth the wait!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

'This was absolutely the best suprise in the mail! I'm in love with my adult Floof and may never leave the Floof cave....please send chocolate and wine.💜Quality, comfort, the best decision I've made to date!' ✩✩✩✩✩

‘I can't quite begin to describe my floof happiness and satisfaction. Floof arrived, unpacked. "In your floof Vespi." She's been in there ever since. Amazing quality, super customer service and incredibly happy, calm doggy. Best anxiety dog bed on the market. Happy dog, happy owner. Thank you Floof Couture.’ ✩✩✩✩✩ 

‘OMG THE QUALITY!!! This is simply so beautiful! I got the large thinking that my 3 dachshunds would share.. wrong mistake on my part! Although all 3 can fit in it, depending on any of their moods, at best 2 will share. But for the most part they like it to be a one doggie bed. Looks like I'm going to need to buy another 2 very soon. Shipping took a while, but that is expected because it is HANDMADE and comes from the Netherlands. So be patient. I promise it is 1000000% WORTH IT! Thank you so much Rose for keeping me informed during the process. I will be buying 2 more in the near future.’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘I have honestly put off writing this review because I don’t know how to do this bed & this shop justice. The quality of the bed is second to none. Additionally, it absolutely helped calm my dog. I have a fairly anxious dog who gets spooked by the sounds in our apartment building. Just sitting on this bed alone, it visibly calmed her down & made her less reactive to the sounds in our building. Moreover, when I received my original bed, I thought it might have been a little different than what I ordered (I wasn’t sure if I received the wrong size bed or if it was the natural fluctuation of the dimensions). Without hesitation, Rose offered to replace the bed free of charge. She is incredibly responsive, kind and you can tell she cares about her product. I am a life-long customer & am already eyeing my next purchases.’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘Ba Beautifully hand made to last 🖤 Definitely worth the wait. May go for an XL next time. Dalì jumped straight on in and now waits for it to go on the bed in the morning 🥰 Thank you very much. 🙏🏼✩✩✩✩✩

‘The bed is beautiful quality and Rose was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had an issue with shipping but it was all worked out thanks to Rose. My dog loves his bed. I am going to order a second one soon. Thank you for offering such high quality, beautiful dog beds! You are a gem!!!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘This shop is so special. Can’t find high quality fabric with these awesome prints anywhere else. The craftsmanship is superb. Most of all my kitty babies love them!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘Incredible. Brightly colored, perfect. Exactly what I wanted. My golden was a little confused and still thinks he’s too big for it, but he’s got a complex 😂 so he sits on top 💙 he will go inside for treats and then come back out and look at me like he was never inside lol’✩✩✩✩✩

‘FloofCouture is 1000/10 incredible. They gave so much insight for the sizing of the beds and shipped all 3 together! I am so thankful, the quality is GORGEOUS. I got all of mine fur lined and my pups think it’s just such a treat to have a fur lined bed. They wait for me to open their little pita pocket and they snuggle in. I’m obsessed.’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘I've ordered quite a few items from Etsy and my floof from Rose is by far my favorite! I ordered the XL and myself and my 50 pound pup fit inside of it very comfortably. It is incredibly well made, sturdy, padded and when you slip inside of it you can't help but feel as if you are being hugged around your entire body all at once. It not only met but exceeded my expectations. I volunteer with an amazing group and participate in weekend long group therapy activities as frequently as I can and I will be bringing my floof with me every time I go now, I can see this being incredibly beneficial and comforting to people working through difficult emotions. Rose, you are absolutely an Angel and I am so grateful to have found you. Thank you so much for the work that you do. Much love to you and your family, Donna’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘the snuggle sack is over my expectation, it's high quality with beautiful fabric. it's perfect for my little princess 🖤 I had to do a seize upgrade after receiving the bed I ordered. rose 🌹 was the absolute best in the contact about this and we just received the new upgraded bed and we are so happy about it. it's perfect. I highly recommend buying a bag to your animal from rose, you will not be disappointed 🖤 in the future I will definitely return to purchase more!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘I love this shop. The seller is super sweet. The beds are unbelievably top notch quality. Totally worth the wait for this handmade gem. My dog is 75 lbs and the XXL is perfect.’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘My Human Sized Floof is amazing. the fur is so soft and you can tell it's made with quality materials. I love it, my toddler loves it, my cat loves it. it's a perfect place to just escape for awhile’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘So many wonderful reviews to share. First, I was not sure what size to buy - my dog is 4kg and I want to use the sack in our bike kaart for winter rides. I went with XS since it's for travel and it's just perfect. I would go with extra small for one (that I will likely buy post holidays) for the house as well. It's the perfect size for my dog Charley. Then, Rose was so thoughtful in communicating about the status of the snuggle sack which I really appreciated, And finally, when it arrived, Charley went straight in and spent the day. No hesitation! The sack is beautiful, high quality and best of all, Charley just loves it. Thank you Rose.’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘Simply the best! It’s our second floof and it’s sooooo amazing. Perfect quality. Our dogs love them. Highly recommended!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘We absolutely love our Floof! The quality is perfect. The way everything is placed in the box you already can see that it is made with love. When I got the Floof out of the box I couldn’t believe how soft it is! Otje immediately got in and loved it from the first second. She sleeps in it even night and we take it with us as we go out. It’s obviously a safe place for her! Only regret I have is that I didn’t buy it earlier. Roos is such a lovely person who’s always there to help and advise getting the perfect Floof! I’m really very happy with the end result. Absolutely worth every cent!’ ✩✩✩✩✩

‘This is an incredible dog bed. I would sleep in it. The quality is beautiful. Shipping did take a while and was even further delayed because USPS never gave me a notice of attempted delivery, but it was well worth the wait!’ ✩✩✩✩✩