Collection: Floof for pets

These handmade beds are pretty for the eyes and extremely versatile and comfy for your pet. The bed is stuffed with thick filling and extra filling in the bottom. My exterior textiles are mostly imported from Turkey, Ghana, Thailand, Italy and Spain. 

This bed is great for all animals, but especially the ones that need a bit of extra safety, like my Romanian rescue Tofu who is the happy model in the photos and the inspiration behind Floof Couture.
I based this design on the 'little brown bag', so you can use it as sleeping bag for animals that are a bit more shy or scared and roll over to make it a basket bed.
It is also a perfect travelbed; it doesn't take up too much space and still makes a 100% suitable pet bed.
Everything I make is sewn by hand with strong thread, Brazilian waxcord. All my fabrics are vegan, high end quality and very soft.
Your pet will snuggle right in there and fall asleep straight away.