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Floof Couture

Thai woven throw with high-end faux fur

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This high-end woven Thai and faux fur throw is fantastic on the couch and as a throw on your bed.
The throw is fluffy, heavy, very thick and warm.
It is a great item to take on camping trips as it doesn't take up too much space.
The Ethnic throw is great for you, your child or your pet.

The throw is available in
S: 145 cm x 100 cm
M: 145 cm x 150 cm
L: 145 cm x 200 cm

(Size can vary a bit for it is handmade)

NOTE: I care deeply for our world. The fabrics I use are not very admirable for someone with my ideologies, but necessary for the design. I therefore search for residual and recycled eco products; leftovers that are up for adoption. This way I make good use of what would be thrown away, but also makes the colours of faux fur vary per bed. It’s a risk to take, but I only search for beauties :) It will however always be shades of brown/beige/grey.
Sizes may vary a bit, as I make everything by hand.

Washmachine proof, but best 20C or otherwise 30C. I would advice to not wash it too often so the fabrics quality lasts longer